Solar Desalination Unit:

Desalination means to produce useful water from saline or salty water. In many parts of the world, under ground water has a very high concentration of salts in it and it cannot be used for drinking and other purposes. So this unit will be helpful for making such water useable. This Desalination Unit can be made in any size big or small depending on need and budget. Step by step construction is shown in diagrams given below. Channels fixed on walls should be at a slope so that the water collected in these channels from walls should flow to the outlet pipe.


Saline Water is collected at the bottom portion of the unit. Level should be about 1/4th of the height of the unit and in no case it should come close to the channels fixed on walls. Evaporation takes place at all temperatures and pressures. When we will provide additional heat by focusing sun rays by reflector, it will help evaporation. When water vapors will strike walls and roof of the unit some of them will loose their energy and will condense. On walls, these condensed vapors (water droplets) will be collected in channels fixed on walls and as these channels have a slope so they will flow to the lower outlet of the unit. On roof, these condensed vapors (water droplets) will be collected in channels fixed below the roof. Due to slope in channels these droplet will come in bigger channel fixed on front wall and then to the upper outlet of the unit. Some vapors will also come out through upper and lower outlets of the unit. So we have two small tanks (flash tanks) and outlets from unit will enter in these tanks through an elbow directed downward. Water will be collected at the bottom of these tanks and vapors from the top will be allowed the flow through extended pipes to cool them down and let them condensed. Condensed vapors (water) will be collected in Collecting tanks.
Depending on size of the unit and your convenience, you may make some changes in piping arrangement.
On small units you may fix;
1: One Flash Tank instead of two.
2: One Collecting Tank instead of three.
3: One Extended Pipe instead of two.
On large size unit;
1: Condenser can be used instead of Extended Pipe and Saline Water can be used to cool the Condenser before feeding in the unit.
2: Some automation can be added.

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